Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the day after

yesterday was the first day of school for 4 of my 5 children (though i think ella-sophie could have stayed on the playground all day). it went off without a HITCH! i could not believe it. no one forgot anything, no arguing, it was awesome.

jackson got isabel up and made her some cereal and helped her brush her hair and teeth. he even walked her to class and told her if she got scared he was right next door! he is the best brother ANYONE could ask for!

here's the wrap up:

kelsey-"it's high school and it's lame mom, how much longer til college?"

blythe- "if i can add and subtract and do multiplication/division what is the point of algebra?"

jackson- "the new boy loves star wars!"

isabel- "kindergarten was great! i played and i prayed and i sang and i read and i colored and i did puzzles and i was the weatherbug (james was the line leader but i get to be that on friday) and everyone is my friend!!!

i couldn't find isabel to give her her snack, this is her at 3:45 apparently she put her self down for nap. it's hard being 5 and putting in an eight hour day!

ella-sophie (where the heck did everybody go!)

ella-sophie refused to put that silly phone down all day long, even taking it to nap with her "talking" on it. she finally stopped playing with it when everyone was home for the day!

i organized jack's dresser and did some laundry. i was so bored by 10 it was crazy, but i know i should enjoy this semester because after Christmas i'm sure i'll just be begging for time once i start school again.

have a blessed week,



Danell said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear everything went so well for the kids at school! That's just awesome, loved the post! I just can't figure one thing out... how in the world can you be bored with a little one at home, a house, and seven peoples' laundry, dirty dishes, and dinner to plan? I can't hardly tend to my five :) Good job!

Andrea said...

Ha ha ha! You forgot how to be bored. Awesome. I loved the wrap up. I totally agree with Blythe; what is the point? Oh no, wait until she hits Geometry with all the theorems and nonsense to memorize. She's gonna be oh-so-happy....NOT! I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore!! Let's just all go back to kindergarten ...Seems like that's the time where we can all agree that school was FUN!

Fiver said...

i don't know how great a job i do.

OK, first danell, i have a dishwasher so i don't usually fret over dirty dishes. it may run twice a day, but the dishes are usually done.

next, i do one load of laundry a day and that keeps me pretty caught up, also i make the two oldest girls fold.

third, ella-sophie is not the best conversationalist in the world and neither are the dogs :) so it's a little bit of a shock to go from five lively kids to just one really sweet low maintainence baby.(you've got 3 under 5 at home!!!)

and last, i just don't worry about the house too much. i use too but then i realized that one day it will be squeaky clean and that will be the day when there are no more babies at home.

90% of me is fine with them growing up it's that pesky 10% that gets a little sad.

thanks for the support,


Indigo Children said...

yay for a good first day :)

belle looks exhausted (and sweet). i am so glad she likes kindergarten.


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