Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun on the Tramp!


well some of you may or may not know this but my mom was just recently diagnosed with diabetes. bam!!! no warning, not change your diet, just take a pill this is serious.

it's actually been an incredible blessing. mom was dragging her feet about getting back into shape and now she has absolutely no reason not too, in fact her life depends upon it. given everything wrong with my dad, he ALWAYS did what his doctor said and we still lost him 12 years ago (in 8 days actually) while this disease IS manageable and my mom will die one day, but not from diabetes. and like my mom said, she has 11 good reasons to comply with her doctors orders (i counted 14, but apparently her grand kids out rate her kids :)

anyway mom has been GREAT about watching what she eats and has started exercising again (she and frank hit the pavement every weeknight, that poor pug huffs and puffs the whole way, but he's dragging mom :) and with that new found spirit of energy we have also seen a wild and crazy marmee out and about with the grand kids giving them a real "what for."

here's some pics from this past weekend, we ran up for the day to hang out, watch satellite (jere and the oldest two are addicts), and have a good ol fashion shrimp boil, which was INCREDIBLE! (thanks mom and pawpaw)

hope your week is going great and everyone is enjoying the rain!!




The Stearns Clan said...

Go Marmee Go. Any by the way, I think I am a wonderful reason to live a long and healthy life. I am afterall the baby and Mom's favorite. ;-) Love the pictures and I loved seeing you guys for a few hours on Friday. That was a yummy shrimp broil and we need to do it soon.

Indigo Children said...

She looks great. Makes me want to start exercising. Hope to see you guys soon :)

p.s I love Ella's funny face :)


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