Monday, October 26, 2009

"you're a good band anson high!"

well this weekend we went to north richland hills for the area marching band competition and long story (and long day) short, we came in 5th out of 22 bands and you need to be in the top 4 to continue on to state. we were devastated :(but jere did say the good news is that means we're alternates, "so if everyone on any of the other 4 bands dies or fails we get to go to state!!!"

everyone cried and like jere said i would have rather come in dead last than to know we missed it by 2 points. the good news is that they were awesome and incredible! and i know they say size doesn't matter but the top 4 bands were 100 plus students, we only have 50 so i think we held our own quite well. the kids were great, crushed but great. the biggest bummer is that this is kelsey's last year to compete. blythe however has 2 more chances (which she mentioned to kelsey about 5 bajillion times, don't you just love siblings?)

mom rode down with me for company and staci b showed up for support and we had a really great time. well great time once grandma showed up and REMOVED ella-sophie from the premises. she nor i were at our best saturday, she didn't want to be there, and i didn't want to be the mother of a bratty 16 month old. (yes i said bratty and if you had been there you'd have agreed with me!)

izzy and elle went home with grandma and papa for the afternoon after harry and vanessa had seen the kids march the first time. this was majorly HELPFUL AND APPRECIATED since the entire competition didn't end until midnight. we left at 9:15 to go and get the little ones from saginaw, but jere and the band didn't leave until midnight or even make it back to anson until 3:45 which meant my family didn't get home until 4:30 a.m. :( all and all it was a pretty long weekend.

but i can say this from this whole experience. i understand my husband's job a bit better and appreciate just how hard he works for not only his family but his school and those kids as well.

The cutest band director EVER!!!!

this was a t-shirt the his brass section got him to wear on saturday.

i love you jeremiah, kelsey, and blythe. you guys are awesome and i couldn't be prouder!!!


vnessa6043 said...

I thought the Anson Band looked great! You guys came to entertain and it was very enjoyable. Good theme. Grandma loves all of you and I too think that Jere is the most handsome band director I have ever seen.

The Stearns Clan said...

That is an awesome shirt. Sorry I couldn't be there but I am still so proud of Jere, Kelsey, and Blythe. You guys were great in WF and I know you were even better in North Richland. I still think you were robbed, but you will show them in two years time. I love you guys and hopefully I will see you soon.

Indigo Children said...

sounds like a long weekend.

wish we could have seen it; I am sure they were wonderful.


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