Friday, January 29, 2010


i may have been hard about my grandfather earlier, but i'm not apologizing.

however i will say this, i'll keep it short and simple. he's trying with my children. he's trying really hard, and they love him.

can we truly forgive AND forget? besides forgiveness is not for the other person, it's really for you.

i decided a while back to forgive him (that's old news) but allowing him to have a relationship with my kids never even crossed my mind. but apparently it did his. every other month he comes to abilene for the va hospital and his heart doc. he always lets me know and eats dinner with us. he even has jere's cell phone number in case he can't get a hold of me.

i don't know that sharing a bowl of beans and cornbread is really that groundbreaking, but in the quiet of my home he sits and they love him. he tells them the same story of me as a child and they laugh every time. he talks about my grandmother (whom i did love) and he tries.

i guess that's all we can ever ask of one another.

happy friday, hope you're all staying warm.



Indigo Children said...

those are sweet pictures. he is so good with your kids and seems genuinely interested. it is so nice that you have time together once a month-- good for the kids to get to know their great-grandpa. people often change (for the better) as they get older and mellow out.

The Stearns Clan said...

I am glad that he is trying. Sometimes that is all you can ask out of people. Enjoy this blessing and know that your kids will always love him and not see the flaws.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)