Monday, May 4, 2009

all about jack

i have four incrediblly beautiful daughters. i know this because everyone tells me so all the time, and the fact that i am also their mother. i'm partial.

kelsey is an extremely talented vocalist (all state 2 years running and numerous UIL events in that bag), hurdler (# 1 in district), and an awesome straight A student (with the exception that currently we are just thanking God she is passing chemestry with a 78).

blythe is an all around athlete (mile relay, high jump 1st in district, and triple jump) she is also a dynamite clarinetist (takes after her daddy), cheerleader, and awesome student (all A's with a B or two peppered in to make her "normal" she says)

isabel is our all around princess. she sings all the time and loves to help. she is very well mannered (at least around others :) and loves her family with all her heart.

ella-sophie is just awesome because i said so. she has the best smile and is a world class snuggler.


jack is my one and only baby boy. God saw fit to slap him right in the middle of those motley, loud, overbearing girls and He could not have picked anyone better suited for the job. jack is patient and kind. he is always mindful of others and tries to be the best little/big brother a sister could ask for. i realize that being in this estrogen laden tornodo he is sometimes lost in the shuffle and not forgotten so much as not appreciated. so with that said today i want to lift him up in your thoughts and prayers for no particular reason other than the fact that he's jack.

to jackson . . .

mom loves you man


Fiver said...

BTW jackson read this post and he said i forgot to tell everyone that he gets all A's too and is great in school and playing video games :)


Danell said...

I agree, he is very sweet and does love his sisters. I also appreciate the way he plays with my kids and shows them love when they are together. We love you too, Jack!

vnessa6043 said...

Yes, our Jack is the man. Grandma and Poppa are very proud of him.

Indigo Children said...

He IS a great kid. We love him.

I love that he feels comfortable asking all kinds of great questions, always thinking and putting the pieces together. He is also super sweet and caring, and he hates to disappoint anyone. We always enjoy spending time with him (hopefully will see him again soon).


Anonymous said...

I love my Jackie. He will always be my sweet man and he will always have a special place in my heart. JR said that he needs to come down this summer and spend sometime with us. We miss you and love you.

Aunt Bear


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