Sunday, May 3, 2009

happy happy birthday baby

today is my husband's birthday. it is not a big deal for him, he does not like for you to make a big fuss about him for any reason. in this one respect he is incredibly humble and sometimes no fun.

example: me- "what do you want for your birthday?", him- "nothing, i don't need anything."
me- "well that's no fun, name something-anything!" him- "underwear or socks."

jere is soooo much fun to suprise though if you do decide to make a fuss over him. he is always truly suprised, grateful, and blessed when these occasions do occur. (his graduation party really threw him for a loop :) so with that said i planned a huge birthday party for him. we invited over all our friends and had a TRANSFORMERS birthday party complete with optimus prime masks and allspark cubes for guests. i know a little unsophisticated, a bit childish, and i know probably ridiculous for most of you.

he. loved. it.

my mom and sister came down and helped me get ready for it and i think it was a success. (thank you so much mom and sarah, you are the best. ever.)

now why would i do this.

quite simply Jeremiah Wayne McCurdy is the love of my life and is my other half. he is wonderful and i don't want to know what it would be like to not have him. he makes me feel utterly and completely whole, unified, pretty, smart, appreciated, gifted, wanted, needed,


i thank God for him every day.

i know for many of you, you're thinking, "hey what about your kids?" i love my kids more than my own life, but they will grow up, leave, and prayfully begin their own lives with someone just right for them.

jere is with me forever. he chose me. he's committed to me no matter what. there is no growing up and moving on. we are in this forever and that makes me smile.

so happy birthday to my favorite

i love you

and thanks for taking a chance and choosing me. i told you you wouldn't regret it :)



Anonymous said...

Although I almost threw up in my mouth from all the gooshiness, I am completely jealous. I sit back and watch you two and I pray that I will one day have a ounce of the happiness that you have. The love totally outweighs the craziness. Its amazing how God works. I love you so much and its an honor to call you a friend and have you, Jere and your amazing children as my extended family. We only get one shot at this thing they call a life and if you weren't in it, well that wouldn't even be an option. Remember to-go cups are required! Staci

vnessa6043 said...

I wondered why Jere's mom and dad didn't know anything about his big birthday bash. :(

Danell said...

Love the post! And that is a GREAT picture! Very cute :)

Indigo Children said...

So glad he enjoyed it. We wish we could have been there.

Anonymous said...

I can leave a comment now!!! Yeah!! Zoe and I had a great time and I am glad that we got to come down for Jere's 40th. We love you guys and I will see you Sunday. Muah!!



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