Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Week

it's only tuesday and this week has already kicked my rear. i left the house at 6:45 with ella to drop off at day care so i could be in abilene for my 8 o'clock class. i got out of class at 11:45 picked up sophie at 12:30 ran errands until 2:30 and ran back into town for my 4 o'clock class.

i am finally home for the night, 179.1 miles later. jere and the girls were already at marching practice when i got home. jackson is watching the two little girls for an hour until i get home at 7:15.

i'm tired and grumpy. please pray that my attitude will change asap.

jere is so proud and excited (he tells me over and over) so i have got to get this negative attitude under control. we have band boosters thursday/friday nights and i am babysitting on monday's so i only have wednesday to get my homework and housework done.


ok, i'm done complaining. hope your week is going good and that God continues to bless you this week.



Anonymous said...

Well I was gonna text you today to see how your first day of school went but, guess I won't. God Bless you.

Indigo Children said...

wow. that is busy.

i get grumpy too when there is so much going on.

take a nap with Ella today and take good care of yourself.

let others help you :)

dinner and housework can certainly be shared (although I should not be talking because I don't have anyone well trained over here).

thinking of you this week -- get some rest.

High in Demand said...

That sounds like soooo much!

When I'm starting a new schedule or having to get used to something new I always tell myself to stick it out for 2 WEEKS. It's always better after 2 weeks.

Within 2 weeks a schedule or routine starts to form and it gets easier. I tell myself I can freak out after the 2 weeks is over, but usually by then it's already better.

Hopefully that will help you too.

The Stearns Clan said...

You will make it Cole, you always do. You have a strong spirit and a good heart, like Dad. But I agree with Indigo, take a nap and relax. I love you and here hoping that week number 2 will be better.



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